March Nutrition News


Nutrition News

Laurie Kamigawachi, MS, RD



                                                National Nutrition Month:  Savor the Flavor


            March is National Nutrition Month for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  (formerly the American Dietetics Association).  I like the positive message of “Savor the Flavor” since taste often drives whether or not a person will accept a particular food, beverage, or eating style.  There are plenty of scientific reasons for people to eat more or less of certain foods, but can we continue to eat foods we detest or can we really cut down on foods we adore?  We have heard that word “moderation” forever, but we don’t always know how we compare, so the Dietary Guidelines do give us some parameters…whether we follow them or not!  Here are some highlights of the latest (2015) Dietary Guidelines for generally healthy people:


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