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Nutrition News

February 2018

Laurie Kamigawachi, MS, RDN

Happy 2018


Some of you may know that after over 34 years I gave up teaching  my regular morning exercise class. Although I do miss my long-time regular participants, I will continue with nutrition counseling which is complimentary for members and resume the nutrition articles on the webpage. If you have any suggestion for nutrition article topics, feel free to leave me a written message at the front desk. Also, if you are interseted in nutrition counseling, please download the NUTRITION PROFILE SHEET on this website or ask for one at the front desk or from a trainer.


In the meantime I thought I might give a preview of the proposed new Nutrition Facts label which will gradually make its way onto the market shelves and then be required by 2021. 

Some of the biggest changes are that the labels will be easier to read for

* Serving size (in amounts usually eaten)

* Calories per serving size


There will be also differentiation of added sugars included in total sugar - remember that there are natural sugars already in some foods suchs as milk and fruit that are not added. When looking at added sugar, you can visualize that every 4 grams of added sugar is like 1 teaspoon of sugar. For example, 1 cup of 1% fat milk has 12.0 grams of total sugar, with zero grams of added sugar. 1 cup of 1% chocolate milk has 31 grams of sugar (12 grams natural sugar/lactose and 19 grams added sugar or almost 5 teaspoon of added sugar). The proposed new label will help us separate info on the additional sugar. 


As far as vitamin and mineral info, there will be a change in which nutrients are listed. Instead of vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron; the following nutrients are planned to be labeled: Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium. Specific amounts will be detailed such as mg of Calcium and Iron instead of just the percentof Daily Value (DV).