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9am Walk for Fitness w/ Indra

Start Date: Feb-28-2018

Start Time: 9:00 am

End Time: 10:00 am

This is a low-impact cardio class with added strength training. If you want cardio but do not want your feet to leave the ground this class if for you! Simple moves such as jumping jacks, hamstring curls, kicks etc. are done in a low-impact way so you can get a cardio work-out without the impact on your body. We do lots of fast walking with added arm movements. We also add in 1-3 pound weights and resistance bands for those who would like.We also do standing leg strength and standing abs-we never get on the ground! This class is for everyone-people just starting out, seniors and those who are looking for less impact then a step aerobics or high-impact cardio.