Emergency Procedures for Babysitting and Kids Klub

Cross Court Athletic Club Babysitting and Kids Klub "emergency plan"

If the power goes out, we have both emergency lights that will come on and also have flash lights to help keep the children safe and calm. If the power stays out for more then 10 minutes the Babysitting Staff (pink shirts) and the Kids Klub Staff (light blue shirts) will walk your children to the lobby and await your arrival.

If there is an evacuation emergency the Babysitting Staff (pink shirt) will walk your children out of the club through the Cardio #3 emergency exit door. The staff will walk your children to the grass area in the parking lot away from the building.

The Kids Klub staff (light blue shirt) will walk your children out the emergency exit by the Kids Klub and then walk the children down the side walk to the grass area where the Babysitting Staff will be waiting. Parents will be asked to sign out their children with the CCAC Staff as usual.

Please know that at all times your children will be in constant care of the Cross Court Staff until you the parent signs out your child.